Examples of commercial videos

Gesture video

Video created to promote the Lollipop UI. My wife happily helped out as a movie star and hand model.

Pico Digital Bam O Ultimo

Working with no brief and a very tight deadline, I managed to create this promotional video that ended up being a template for others that followed it.

Enterprise instructional video

This was a fun project to work on. The council had been teaching this game to schools but wanted to create an easy to follow video that would explain the rules to new schools.

Project Skyview

Promotional video for Skyview.

GUI generator

The GUI Generator is a tool we developed in house. We create screens which are then passed onto to the engineering team.

Novatek to Liberator

A promotional video highlighting the upgrading of old STBs with a new UI.


“Mike's versatility and range of skills in the creative industry; graphic design, photography, UI/UX design, web design, to name a few, provided the whole design team with a clear vision on projects we worked on.”

George Bishop

Graphic Designer

“Calm, resourceful, creative, conscious of time demands, a great pro-active communicator and the ability/mindset to just get things done.”

Graham Cooke

Lead Product Manager

“He has an excellent attention to detail and is always willing to help others. He has a wealth of knowledge and ideas to share and can be relied upon to get a job done properly and in a timely manner.”

Ian Brunt

Chief Systems Architect

“He's a talented designer with the skills that reach beyond just the design as he's always looking for ways to push the boundaries of how we can make our product better.”

Sangeetha Rathnakuma

Java Developer

“Mike is a professional UI designer always seeing the product from the customers perspective and forever challenging his own designs to provide the best customer experience.”

Paul Newton

Head of Engineering

“I would recommend Mike for any UI/UX/Design role without hesitation. He is a consummate professional, a talented designer and his drive to improve processes means he would thrive at any company.”

David Austin

Director of Research and Development

“He was instrumental in the design and planning of our Media Broadcast Centre, and has coordinated its use for both filmed and live video production, audio recording, and photography. I cannot recommend his services highly enough.”

Graham Holland

eLearning Support Officer

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