Core UX is an icon-based UI with easy to use interaction and clear to understand navigation. Its clean lightweight design offers the user a strong visual interactive UI.


Develop a lightweight User Interface for Set-top boxes that can be reused for multiple customers and easily customisable.

What I did


The top menu is accessible when the user presses ‘Menu’ on the RCU. Top menu items are navigable via left/right, pressing OK on an item will open the relevant screen. Focus remains to the left of the menu; items resize and ease in to position.

Settings operates much like top menu, focus remains central so the user can press down to access available options.

Creating a site map

Once I’ve investigated and identified what is required, a sitemap is created for the project. Doing this early on can highlight any User Experience issues such as poor navigational loops.


High fidelity diagrams were created, it’s a good way to test available screen space and layout. Also, I will use these images in the UI specifications. Keeping them generic means I can reuse the screens for other customers saving time and resources.


Every screen and interaction were extensively documented for engineers, clients and testing. In total, 17 documents were created for the UI.

High fidelity designs

I can start applying the agreed look and feel. Its important to agree early on how it will look; this is done in the prototype stage. I create as many varied screens as possible for approval.


The UI framework has been the base for many customers due to its lightweight implementation.


A version of the UI was designed for The National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) in Nigeria for their digital switch over. It’s expected to become the largest free to air platform in the world. The UI will be used on over 1 million set top boxes.

The following companies have also been involved in the deployment and demonstration of the UI: ABS-CBN, ABU-Myanmar, ADM, Bein Sports, Chad, CTH, Filbox, Freesat Thailand, Ghana TV, Kompas, MTN, Netsa TV, Nexmedia, Orange, ORS, Pico, Radiokomunikace, SK and SKY Cable.

Thank you