Core TV Solutions

Core TV was born out of Inview technology to focus on the middleware market. Based in the north of England, Core TVs goal was to make Pay TV a profitable and successful business.


Build and identify a corporate vision for potential investors and Pay TV operators.

What I did


I started by drawing various ideas on paper, there was no brief at this point so I had to come up with the concept. I took the name Core and started to define its meaning.

One definition of core is “…central to its existence”, and being a global company, I started looking into earth and globe abstract shapes.

I wanted to work the shape into the text of the logo, the shape could be used on its own once its been associated with the brand.

I presented the options and went through them and my thought processes. I had my favourite early on but it was important to explore alternative avenues.


After research and investigation, font BARLOW was selected to match the modern look I was hoping to achieve.


Website development

I designed high-fidelity wireframes first in Figma. Usually I design in XD but thought it was a good opportunity to try the software, I was impressed with it. The only thing I didn’t like is how the sharing works to other users.

Once I was happy with the layout I mocked up high-fidelity screens using the defined colours and font.

The website was built using Bootstrap to be fully responsive.


To offer the sales team variation, I designed two colour schemes that could be used together in the same presentation.


Thank you